Australia's terrorism alert level has been raised from medium to high.

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We are a group of industry professionals who have spent a lifetime in our chosen field of expertise and believe simply that we can do it better.

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Our dogs work because they are genetically hard wired to work.

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Maintaining our qualifications and capabilities is our point of difference.

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DDA is a specialised Detector Dog Company and consulting service, which focuses on Explosive/Narcotic Detection for government, business, private enterprise and Educational sectors interests and assets. We provide training and utilise specialist K9 detection teams, for the purpose of detecting explosives, narcotics, firearms and contraband. We provide YOU, with both proactive and positive strategies for your safety. Our inspections are carried out in a non-invasive, non-threatening and user-friendly manner. Our policy is very much based on public relations skills.

K9 Detection Unit

Our detection teams are Internationally certified trained professionals providing a highly efficient screening process for various security scenarios. [Read More]

Bomb Threat

Our bomb detection Canines have the capacity to detect in excess of 19,000 different explosive compositions used in the production of explosives. [Read More]

Dog Sales

Looking for Explosive and Narcotic Detection dogs or a puppy that is guaranteed to work? Our team has been in the service dog industry for over 35 years proving dogs as family guardians, General Purpose, Professional Security, Government, RAAF, National and International Police agencies. [Read More]

Program For Schools

Our (educational sector) school program sends a clear message to students, parents and the community served by your schools that you have taken a considered, proactive approach to eliminate contraband from your campuses. Detector dogs Australia works in conjunction with school protocols assisting in the control of illicit substances. [Read More]

National Terrorism Public Alert System

Australia is at HIGH level of alert.

The National Terrorism Public Alert System is a range of four levels that communicate an assessed risk of terrorist threat to Australia. The four levels are:

  • Low - Terrorist attack is not expected
  • Medium - Terrorist attack could occur
  • High - Terrorist attack is likely
  • Extreme - Terrorist attack is imminent of has occured
  • The National Terrorism Public Alert System guides national preparation and planning, it also dictates levels of precaution and vigilance to minimise the risk of a terrorist incident occurring.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Detector Dogs Australia is to be a profitable International provider of K9 Detector services and related products. This has been achieved by providing clients with:

  • Exceptional levels of service
  • Value for money
  • Constant innovation and client interaction
  • The proactive pursuit of improvement in all aspects of doing business
  • To achieve these goals we will:

  • Seek out and develop quality people
  • Provide these people a stake in the growth and financial success of the company
  • In turn, they will receive the satisfaction, security and pride that only comes from working with a company determined to be the best in its field.

    DDA on Hound TV

    Steven Pam from Hound TV interviews the team at Detector Dogs Australia about the Explosive Detection Dog operation at Station Pier in Melbourne.

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