Article: Emergency Management & K-9 Training Program

24 Mar 2014

Detector Dogs Australia recently completed an emergency management and K-9 training program for the world largest gold mine located in Papua Indonesia. The syllabus which was designed for local content was broken into two sections with one part addressing the K-9 handlers and (some of which is explained further on) the other part teaching the K-9 support team, Emergency Management Unit (EMU). The course which was delivered in bahasa Indonesia and English was well received by management with the attendees showing a pass rate of 98%, this high standard also qualified them for an international certification.

Utilizing an adaptation of the Standard AS/NZ 4360, the Detector Dogs Australia developed short course program was structured so as to mitigate against potential harmful elements that often threaten the health, safety and well being of the workforce and visitors.

The emergency management unit (EMU) candidates participated in modules like initial point of entry to site/s, plans designed to protect elements at risk were developed, implemented, communicated, exercised, reviewed and reworked.  All such training and plans were constructed against the following principles: PPPRRR


Plans incorporate the following elements:
Acceptable to all
Accessible to all
Exercised by all

Elements at risk are be able to be profiled into potentiality to cause an:

In this program, participants learned how to put into action steps which provide them a solid basis for responding competently to any situation that may eventuate in their workplace environment regardless of whether that situation may occur at either the office of the Chief Executive, or in the field.

Our instructor who has over 25 years experience within the emergency management field has taught such programs Australia wide, in the South Pacific region and to foreign nationals attending in Australia specifically for programs Detector Dogs Australia has developed and delivered. 

His students have included senior emergency management personnel, senior foreign government officials, the military, the petro-chemical, food, transport and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to name but a few. An accomplished and dynamic speaker, with numerous academic qualifications over many disciplines. Detector Dogs Australia is well qualified and experienced to deliver these educational and entertaining programs.