Article: New Leash on Security

24 Mar 2014

It's just past 4am on a recent Jakarta morning detection K-9 handlers from an elite trained force are "sweeping" the infrastructure of one of Indonesia most prestigious hotels, moving from rubbish tins and safety cones to
plant & equipment, machines and transport, looking for C4, dynamite, triacetone triperoxide and other explosives. The hotel (which cannot be named for security reasons) has deployed what is believed to be the most powerful defense against terrorism: Dogs. The ability of dogs to detect 19,000 types of explosives makes them more effective at catching potential bombers than more conventional searches, management believe in detection dogs, calling them a "state-of-the-art anti-terrorist tool."

Companies such as Detector Dogs Australia are working throughout the region and DDA now has a solid foot hold in proven K-9 technologies with cross border detection.

Detector Dogs Australia trained the K-9 team members all of which are from a unique breed of people who live to work with the dedicated dogs that search willingly and without complicated technology.

All the dogs were imported from Australia and were carefully selected for their high drives and mobility which makes them excellent bomb-sniffers and has put them on the front lines of the regions fight against terrorism.

Detector Dogs Australia believes a large part of the job is high sight presence as a deterrent. A lot of security
is to tell people, 'Hey, we're here,' hopefully, they feel a little safer seeing K-9 units at work. These K-9 teams
are just one tool in the arsenal of tools against terrorism." Besides vehicle sweeps, the dogs are brought into
the hotel during the early hours for building searches. Despite new high-tech devices a dog is still the best equipped to quickly detect explosives.

In technology, nothing has yet surpassed the K-9 team. Trained dogs can screen a vehicle at the entrance in seconds and do a thorough examination in minutes.

9/11 promoted K-9 teams to a new and more significant mission, which is to protect us against acts of