Article: New Leash on Security

24 Mar 2014

Dogs have always been considered one of man's best friends, but who would have thought that they'd one day be our co-worker? Gone are the days when a dog's only job was to fetch the Sunday paper.
After an eight month qualifying period and rigorous company audit, Detector Dogs Australia (DDA) was awarded the Explosives Detection contract on behalf of the Port of Melbourne Corporation. Our Strategic partner for this most important project is the award winning security firm, ISS Security Pty Ltd.
Detector Dogs Australia is the country’s longest serving private sector K-9 detection organization, Detector Dogs Australia (DDA) receives selection mainly because of their status that of a market leader and clients have confidence in a company that's been in the K-9 detection business for more than 3 decades.
‘We are delighted to have been selected to provide protective services for such a high profile organization like the Port of Melbourne Corporation. “This new contract represents a significant breakthrough in Detector Dog Security and risk management services”, said DDA’s CEO Kris Kotsopoulos.
“We welcome long term associations with highly regarded strategic companies like ISS, a Global Leader in Security and facility services with”:

  • Approximately 440,000 employees
  • Operating out of 50 countries on five continents
  • More than 200,000 business-to-business customers
  • Revenues in 2007 of AU$14.04 billion

“Currently DDA through our strategic partnership alliance are building a detailed understanding of the Port of Melbourne Corporation’s requirements and expectations, we are focused on delivering a value added service beyond all expectations” said Kris.
This new project involves multiple detection dogs and handlers (K-9 teams), working alongside ISS security personnel, performing various screening roles resulting in a higher level of security to staff, contractors, site visitors and international cruise ship passengers.  "It's been proven that dogs can detect odors of narcotics and explosives in parts per trillion, which means that a dog has a greater ability to detect an odor or intruder than any other type of equipment" Kris said.  
“I am pleased that we were able to demonstrate our commitment and experience” Kris said.
Trained K-9 detection teams provide industry with a higher level of confidence that we would not have if we were strictly using manpower. DDA K-9 teams bring a higher confidence level that items screened don't contain an explosive item, and that's very important in today's world.
The contract commenced on the 02 November 2008 after the company successfully conducts site reviews, risk assessments and staff familiarization training.
“The contract is being managed by a qualified team of Risk Prevention Officers.
DDA management teams are well suited to competently deliver this service due their many years of experience within the industry. Detector Dogs Australia is recognized as a market leader in the private sector K-9 detection business.

” I am confident that along with our dedicated management team, our staff performance and facilitation, we will surpass the Port of Melbourne Corporation’s expectations” said Kris.
"Being a detection dog handler takes a large amount of personal commitment, and we are always on the lookout for quality people" said Kris.

Through the partnership of co Director Neville Williams, Detector Dogs Australia remains a longstanding member of the ISEE. For more detailed and specific information and advice call Detector Dogs Australia direct on 1300 360 171.