DDA Capability Statement

Detector Dogs Australia Capability Statement Detector Dogs Australia Capability Statement Detector Dogs Australia Capability Statement Detector Dogs Australia Capability Statement Detector Dogs Australia Capability Statement

DDA is a division of the Metropolitan Group of Companies and is a specialist in the provision of Labour Outcomes and Quality Management.

The Metropolitan Group prides itself on its ability to procure labour at the prevailing award of the day, train, manage and develop the skills of those employees and promote the outcome at competitive market rates.


The Metropolitan Group provide Detector Dog Services to the following industry sectors, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Industrial and Mining - Power Stations and Mines
  • Health Care - Hospitals, Hostels and Nursing Homes
  • Laboratories - Research Facilities and Clean Rooms
  • Food Processing and Production - Meatworks and Factories
  • Hospitality - Resorts, Hotels and Public Areas
  • Commercial Property - High Rise, Banks and Multi-Site Customers
  • Entertainment Venues - Cinemas and Clubs

The Services the Metropolitan Group provide currently include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Emergency Response
  • Bomb Search Dogs
  • Narcotic Search Dogs
  • Breeding, training and sales of Detection Dogs Globally
  • Tracking training and Training Seminars World Wide
  • Authors of www.precisiontrackingdogs.com

The Metropolitan Group is a privately owned Australian organisation, which commenced operations in the mid 1970's. The Metropolitan Group services clients Australia wide. We manage our business from Melbourne and regional offices. Metropolitan Directors have over 60 years collective experience in the provision of Canine Services, having pioneered working service dogs in Australia.

The mission of The Metropolitan Group is to be a profitable national and international provider of services and related products. This will be achieved by providing clients with:

  • Exceptional levels of service quality
  • Value for money
  • Constant innovation
  • The proactive pursuit of improvement in all aspects of the business

To achieve these goals we will:

  • Employ and develop quality people
  • Offer these people a stake in the growth and financial success of the company

In turn, they will receive the satisfaction, security and pride that only comes from working with a company determined to be the best in its field.

The way we work with our Clients:

We strive to create successful long-term relationships that embrace the principles of partnering.
We take the time to really understand our customer. We carefully identify and analyse each risk and then discuss them with our customer in a framework of openness and integrity.

We are always prepared to invest our capital upfront to source the most appropriate people, equipment and technology to deliver the agreed contract outcomes.

We will improve the profitability of both our clients and shareholders by aiming to reduce the cost of doing business and consistently improving the reliability of our service.

We benchmark and use practical measurement criteria to ensure we consistently strive for and achieve Industry Best Performance.

Occupational Health and Safety

Our objective is to ensure every employee returns home each day uninjured. To achieve this objective we are proactive in identifying safety risks, eliminating hazards, preventing accidents and monitoring performance against industry benchmarks. Our Risk Manager continually promotes a pro-active safety culture throughout our organization.

Respect the Community and Environment

We are proud of the contribution we make to local communities. We know that being effective partners in the community and the environment is fundamental to our success.

Our People

We seek to provide a workplace of challenge and growth for everyone, where we value innovation, integrity and excellence.
Metropolitan Group utilises a diverse skill base to provide innovative and integrated solutions. We harness those skills to understand each client's needs, delivering solutions that go beyond their immediate requirements.

The Metropolitan Group is committed to providing professional support services that meet and satisfy customer expectations through experience, expertise, reliability and consistent high quality. This will be achieved through our objectives of:

  • Conforming to contractual and regulatory requirements
  • Helping our customers to fully identify their needs
  • Continual improvement of work methods
  • Effective communication with customers and suppliers

The quality and reliability with which our security division supplies these contracted services is the responsibility of every team member within the Metropolitan organization. To achieve these objectives the Metropolitan Group has established and maintains an effective and efficient quality system. This quality system has been planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. The requirements of the quality system continue to be under review so as to ensure their continued alignment to current business practises.

The quality system is designed to ensure that customer requirements are recognised and that consistent control of these requirements is established, implemented and maintained. Ongoing business objectives have been set by management and are continually reviewed as part of the management process.