Detector Dog Sales - Developed Dogs For National and International Deployment

Detector Dogs Australia offers untrained (Green), partly trained or fully trained dogs - Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, Dobermanns, Rottweiler and Working Springer Spaniels for multiple applications. Our dogs are currently provided too many National and International Law Enforcement Department, Breeders and Competitors. Our focus is on providing dogs that have been extensively developed for the tasks required. We have eliminated any downtime because we have completed all the testing and development work, allowing you to move straight into training to meet your operational requirements almost immediately.

Detector Dogs Australia can also supply fully train dogs to meet your specific requirements - ready for deployment, simply supply us with your specifications and we shall complete the rest. With perhaps one of Australia's best equipped canine training facilities Detector Dogs Australia caters for all that you can imagine Breeding, Training, Trained Dogs, Purpose Bred working puppies, Training Seminars, Training Products, Performadog Super Premium Dry Dog Food, Purposely Developed Training curriculum for you and your agency.

44 years plus 34 years of combines experience in our Directors provides us with extensive Global canine partners and as such, can source and import dogs for any purpose. All dogs are specifically tested by our principals to ensure they meet your working and health demands.

We have initiated a long term canine supply program and currently Detector Dogs Australia has 27 puppies in development for Law Enforcement and another 30 in planning for late 2014 / 2015.

Detector Dogs Australia is able to develop an immense amount of dogs because we have our working dog breeding program since 1978. We believe that puppy development is critical from day one, with an extensive program of environmental enrichment and exposure to every imaginable sight, sound and touch, to ensure a stable and confident working adult. However it does not stop there, genetic selection with the correct drives, instincts and stable nervous system is the most essential element is producing a performance based bloodline.

The right genetics ensures that our puppies and young dogs respond correctly to the extensive environmental enrichment, confidence and skill development, they receive enabling them to reach optimum genetic potential, cultivating the dog’s natural instincts through our complex drive building and skill development program.

Presentation at the Working Dog Alliance - Sydney University by one of our Directors.

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