Emergency Response Teams For Any Security Deployments

Detector Dogs Australia provides security and risk management solutions to governments, private corporations and non-governmental organisations worldwide. We offer a wide range of security, training and consultancy services that are tailored to your requirements; to assist you in establishing, improving and supporting your organisation, in challenging environments.

In order to help optimise the performance of your organisation Detector Dogs Australia with combine all of its capabilities in the delivery of its services. Detector Dogs Australia has the flexibility in immediate adaptation to changing circumstances and can design and tailor solutions to the challenges your organisation may face.

As the cornerstone of our company philosophy, we offer our clients security and resources, whilst maintaining that honeymoon period. Our management team, including the Managing Directors, form an active part of the day to day operations, with an emphasis on delivering optimum service and being accessible to our clients.

Contact us now for immediate solutions - email: enquiries@detetectordogs.com.au