K9 Detection Unit

Our detection teams are Internationally certified trained professionals providing a highly efficient screening process for various scenarios. High profile event committees, manufacturing facilities, transportation companies, service firms, airlines, and schools are all turning to K-9 Detection Teams.

An amazing example of dogs detecting unusual things is the training of a dog that can identify people with cancer by smelling the person’s breath or urine. The person’s breath can be used to find lung and breast cancer; urine is used to detect bladder or prostate cancer. The dogs accuracy is approximately 99% of the time for lung cancer, and 88% of the time for breast cancer! This is equal or better than high tech techniques such as scans. A successful program was enacted with only two to three weeks training using pet dogs and the only previous preparation was basic puppy training.

For centuries dogs have helped people with hunting, herding, and protection. These examples clearly show that dogs are capable of much more. Only our imaginations may limit what dogs might do in the future.

Detector Dogs Australia is a wholly owned Australian K-9 service providing scent detection search capabilities with the use of highly trained detection dogs.

We do not perform any work associated to the Private Security Act 2004.

DDA dogs are much more versatile than a mechanical device and a single dog can be trained to detect thousands of relevant substances.