Performadog Premium

DDA Performadog Premium

Performadog is the food of choice for some high profile organisations that rely on their quality working dogs remaining healthy and agile.

Performadog premium Dry food formula has been developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, to provide dogs with complete and balanced nutrition. What's more, Performadog formula is geared for all breed and all stages.

Pet food is only as good as the ingredients that go into it.

Canines that work in this field cannot afford to compromise their health. Thanks to Performadog Premium Dry Food, here's why they don't have to:

  • Performadog dog food is 100% complete and balanced
  • Real meat injection is the No. 1 ingredient
  • An excellent ratio of protein and fat to promote ideal body condition 25% Protein and 17% Fat
  • Additional vitamins E & C to help strengthen a dog's in-built protective system and much more ...

Our process is integral in allowing us to blend fresh meat with other dry ingredients. This unique feature gives Performadog its excellent quality, palatability and high nutritional value.

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