Programs For Schools

Detector Dogs Australia is proud to offer our services to the public and private school campuses in Australia. Unlike other canine programs, our dogs are specially trained to detect a wide variety of key contraband substances.

With noses 10,000 times more sensitive than human's, our friendly, dogs detect illicit narcotics such as Marijuana, Hashish, Cocaine, Rock Cocaine, Heroin, Opium, Ecstacy, and Methamphetamines. They will also alert on GUNPOWDER related items such as firearms, ammunition, fireworks, and pipe bombs.

Detector Dogs Australia mission is to provide a cost-effective deterrence and intervention program to assist our client schools achieve "near-zero" instances of contraband substance on their campuses. By dovetailing with existing programs, we help to provide a school atmosphere focused on education, minimizing the safety concerns associated with the presence of drugs and weapons.

Detector Dogs Australia is Australia's only certified detector dog's agency in Australia.

Our program sends a clear message to students, parents and the community served by your schools that you have taken a considered, proactive approach to eliminate contraband from your campuses.