Detection Dog Training Seminar - Brilliantly Innovative

Detector Dog Australia Seminars

Are you interested in training dogs for scent detection work?

There are so many different uses for this valuable skill, including: drug detection, bomb sniffing, search and rescue, mould detection, termite searching, firearm and arson searches and much more!

Detector Dogs Australia is Australia’s leading detector dog company and is offering Detection Training Seminars and Workshops. Our instructors have tremendous experience in various K9 educational and detector applications. We train dogs internationally and were the official Security and Detector Dog providers for the Australian Commonwealth games, Port of Melbourne Authority, Queen Elizabeth's Australia Tour, The Popes youth support tour, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, ACDC, 5 star Indonesian Hotels just to name a few. In the support of countries' National Border and Bio- Security commitments and commercial company needs, our instructors provide education in detector and working dog services in a wide range of applications, including quarantine, narcotics and explosives detection to name a few. In fact we have supported and developed many innovative training systems globally.

Detector Dog Australia Seminars

If you’re looking for a career in Detector Dog handling then this intensive workshop is for you. It is a complete course that is built around employee safe work practices introducing a systematic approach of teaching dogs to reliably indicate on target odour at source. One of the fundamental problems in detection is ensuring that dogs are actually indicating at source odour and most importantly; what will you do when your dogs is longer motivated to work?

Detector Dogs Australia has solved this global problem. We follow scientifically developed animal learning principles coupled with innovative training systems which achieve repeatable and reliable results.

It is recommended that participant have their own dog but this is not necessary. If you are interested in purchasing a green (dog with potential) that you can do the course with we are more than happy to try and accommodate.

Our training facility is located on 50 beautiful acres; all of which are manicured and maintained for the purposes of our client's training pleasure. Our aim is to make your experience the best in the industry.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendances upon completion.

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