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Detector Dogs Australia Seminars

"Creating Extraordinary Dogs and Extraordinary Handlers"

These events are for anyone that wants to learn about tracking, further develop their skills, problem solving and be the best they can be.

Event Dates 2014

Melbourne 14th & 15th June 2014

Melbourne 20th & 21th September 2014

Melbourne 29th & 30th November 2014

These Seminars are also available in Nationally and Internationally, please email expressions of interest.

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About Our Weekend Together

"Our intention in precision tracking is for our dog to identify and follow a unique and specific odour that is created when an individual human odour is merged with ground disturbance odour and then have an organised system to guide him" Kris Kotsopoulos.

"Dog training is a combination of nature and nurture, integrating instincts and precise handler management. In order for our dogs to perform in the most challenging environments it is imperative that their learning begins in those environments, amplifying their skills accordingly." Matt Grace

About the Presenters

Kris Kotsopoulos has been involved in breeding and training dogs since 1981. He has worked with first-time dog owners through to the most demanding Law Enforcement Canines and their handlers, and World Championship competitors. Kris and his wife Tonia are breeders of Dobermanns and German Shepherds under the kennel name “Von Forell”. His dogs and training philosophies have been incorporated into many training systems by competitors and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

Kris' workshops are designed to give you a clear directive of how dogs learn, what drives them, how to improve learning due to purposeful directives, and how to shape behaviour for a dynamic, focused and harmonious performance. This is an opportunity to learn the latest cutting edge training systems to deliver spirited, obedient animals on cue.

Having devoted the last 34 years of his life to research, development and education of the working dog, paired with extensive work in the area of animal welfare, Kris has now expanded his professional horizons by sharing his knowledge with the community as a consultant for a range of government agencies, breed clubs and animal welfare groups.

Over the past three decades, Kris has travelled the globe in order to learn from the world’s best international trainers, breeders and animal behaviourists. As a result of his enthusiasm and dedication for greater knowledge, Kris has acquired an in-depth understanding of raising, developing and training dogs for a variety of purposes.

Through the skills and successes he has achieved, Kris has gained a sound understanding of what motivates animals to behave the way they do and just as importantly, how to apply this knowledge to achieve specialised goals. Kris currently shares this knowledge by operating both national and international training programs, seminars and workshops, each individually tailored to meet the needs of the general community, other trainers and government agencies globally.

Kris has implemented a variety of learning systems ranging from basic family obedience to the most demanding competition, police, prison and professional security animals with an emphasis on true, open and uncomplicated behaviour with stimulus control. He is truly committed to breaking down barriers that exist for dogs and dog welfare in our community, and believes that consultation with breed clubs, animal management officers and animal welfare groups will help achieve this goal.

Detector Dogs Australia Seminars

"Purposeful, meaningful relationships between handlers and their dogs to create extraordinary dogs and extraordinary handlers."

Matt Grace has been a Queensland Police dog handler since 2009 and has been diligently focused on obtaining proficient results from his operational canine called “Fox” โ€“ Von Forell Saber. To date, his results have been extraordinary. By applying himself diligently, he has developed a deep understanding of tracking and the necessary steps required to create a proficient tracker for tactical deployment. Matt now offers his in-depth knowledge on tracking to further develop highly effective tracking teams anywhere in the world.

Detector Dogs Australia Seminars

Matt and his dog "Fox"

  • Awarded “Fox” as his operational dog in 2009.
  • Awarded Novice Handler encouragement award 2010.
  • Broke dog handover / locations record 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.
  • Was awarded the Dog Handler of the Year 2013 Queensland Police Department
  • Attended South Australia Police Dog Advanced Skills Course in 2012
  • Co-facilitated Queensland Police Dog Squad Skills Enhancement Course 2011 โ€“ current
  • Co-facilitate Tactical Dog Course Northern Territory Police Dog Unit/Tactical Response Group 2012
  • Attend Northern Territory re โ€“ man hunt for alleged murderer STENBERG and worked with multiple tactical police unit
  • Tactical Dog Handler Course SERT 2011. Currently SERT Tactical Dog Handler
  • Developing Recruit Dog since 8 weeks to current (11 months).


Try to Imagine... it's competition or certification day, you take your dog out of your vehicle and your dog instantaneously and willingly springs into a focused and intense heel. You proceed to the judge; make your announcement and ask your dog to track. He immediately begins tracking every step - slowly and calmly yet intensely focused. He stops at every corner, checks for the next leg and then continues to follow the track. He finds and indicates every article. On the last article, you ask your dog to heel. He springs into an intense heel and you both heel to the judge with his tail happily wagging, where you present all the articles. Most importantly, all of this happens without you holding your breath!

If you believe this to be reality for you and your dog, then please allow us to show you how.

This workshop provides a step-by-step plan for achieving the same degree of understanding without hardship. Presented for tracking enthusiasts who value innovative insights into tracking training, this workshop fills in the gaps to help you achieve a better understanding of how dogs track and how to assist them. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned handler, all you will ever require to train your dog to be a tracking champion, is right here. This Workshop is a detailed map for creating an extraordinary tracking dog. It covers everything you need to know from getting started to advanced precision training techniques. You will learn how to awaken your personal canine training capability and open doors you never knew existed, enabling you to pass on skills and understanding never thought possible, to your canine friend.

You will learn:

  • About a dog’s olfactory ability & tracking theory
  • The importance of the first scent-pad
  • How to introduce articles and eliminate your dog missing them ยท How to increase scent commitment
  • How to lay, introduce and teach perfect corners and prevent over-shooting
  • Integrating the clicker & remote trainer, safely and humanely, to develop a reliable tracking dog
  • How to slow down your dog without destroying motivation
  • Discrimination training to identify human signature odour

and much more...

We believe that dogs already know how to track, it's just that we teach them how not to track. This workshop is geared at achieving that elusive 100 points or precision tracking.

Whether you track for fun, high level competition or Law Enforcement these workshops are a must.

Our training facility is located on 50 beautiful acres; all of which are manicured and maintained for the purposes of our client's training pleasure. Our aim is to make your experience the best in the industry.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendances upon completion.

For further enquiries please email