Why Choose Detector Dogs Australia?

Why Choose Detector Dogs Australia? Why Choose Detector Dogs Australia?
  • DDA K9's are independently NPCA certified to a microchip number
  • DDA is licensed in "Safe use & Handling of Explosives" under the Dangerous Goods Act.
  • Memberships, International Society of Explosive Engineers. International Explosive Detection Dog Association. National Narcotic Detection Dog Association, U.S.A. Australian Bomb Dog Handlers Association Inc.
  • DDA management pioneered working service dogs in Australia, and remains the market leader with 60 years applied knowledge.
  • DDA is financially sound.
  • Handlers/trainers? Comprise of government and policing background.

DDA K9 Team Certification

Detector Dogs Australia offers certified detection K9 teams, and we operate to the International QA standard, iso 9001/2000. DDA training methodology and testing protocols expose our K9's to explosives groups, including chemical compounds used in an estimated 19,000 explosives formulas. DDA K9's are extremely versatile, highly mobile, and an accurate, explosives detection unit.

DDA Specialist dogs include, but are not limited to:

  • Multiple disciplines explosives, narcotics, tracking and target X 24 hours/day available.

DDA Dedicated scent disciplines include, but not limited to

  • Narcotics.
  • Explosives and fire-arms.
  • Smell/scent-identification.
  • Target X.
  • Fire Accelerant.