Our Directors and Trainers

The team at Detector Dogs Australia has been professionally involved in Canine behaviour, Working Dog Breeding and Training since the 1970s.

They have worked with many first-time dog owners through to the most demanding Law Enforcement Canines and Championship competitors.

Neville Williams

Our Director Neville Williams was a breeder of Dobermann and German Shepherd under the prefix Security Kennels which evolved into Von Kaiserhof Kennels.

Many of Neville’s dogs were recruited into many agencies nationally. His bloodlines and Philosophy and skill in the selection of a quality dog has only matured as time passes.

Kris Kotsopolous

Our Director Kris Kotsopolous has been involved in the canine industry since 1980 and has always approached life creatively with a mindset that states;  

“I am sure that there is a better way” hence the writing of his book “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog”. 

Never accepting that near enough is good enough Kris is always working on streamlining the systems involved in detector dogs capabilities and recognises that everything is connected. The simple fact that unites behaviour is that canine learning is universal regardless of what a dog is taught. Odour detection is simply another behaviour that requires systematic education.  

Kris is also a breeder of Dobermanns and German Shepherds under the prefix ‘Von Forell’ as well as a trainer. His dogs and training philosophies have become an integral part of the success of high-level canine enthusiasts who all require very different applications. So much so that he decided to articulate his ideas into three books which can be viewed here at Von Forell Precision Training.

The system in his books is an excellent start for anyone seeking to overcome or prevent training problems as well as maintaining optimum performance. Kris aims to introduce methods into the dog training world that can systematically spell out what dog training is about and how to create a simple process for the dog and its owner to achieve the very best outcomes regardless of what discipline they choose.

These cutting edge systems are integrated into all of Detector Dog Australia’s training. They increase, maximise efficiency and productivity, thus ensuring the very best outcomes for our clients.

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